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Sri Lanka Association of Parents of Deaf Children, was founded in 1971, by a group of parents who have deaf children in their families. We have been working hard over the last 46 years, with the help of our members and volunteers, to improve the educational standards and social well-being of all deaf children in Sri Lanka with the goal of making them useful citizens of the country.   We are an Approved Charity in Sri Lanka, registered as a Voluntary Social Service Organization (Reg No: 0186), in terms of the Voluntary Social Service Organizations (Registration and Supervision) Act No: 31 of 1980.   Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our Charity.



In order to make aware the public about the deaf the Association selects the International Day of the Deaf to stage a Walk in a town each year. We get the support of the people in the area and  sometimes they provide us drinks to quench our thurst. We distribute hand bills to the passers-by to give them an idea about the deaf. Our placards show that the deaf are eligible to work like the non-handicapped and that they should be accepted as citizens of the country and not discard them.

Sports Festival

This is conducted as a national event participated by all deaf schools in the island. Although the expenditure for this event is comparatively large, the Association does not discourage it as this sports activity is liked and enjoyed by all deaf students. Children from far away schools come to Colombo fort this event, perhaps for the first time in their life. Staying 2 nights in Colombo and mixing up with children of other schools make themselves amused and content. Their long bus journeys too give them entertainment. Besides all these the winners  are happy to take home their trophies.

Art, Essay & Dance Competition

This again is a national event. Art & Essay Competition is conducted in the schools where they study while the Dances are held in a pupblic hall. The members of the committee are assigned to schools to supervise the Art and Essay competitions. They bring with them to office the art works and the essays for assessment by the judges. The dances are performed in front of an audience and the judges give their results. Winners of both competitions are rewarded after the dances are performed  before a large crowd with a  chief guest.

Marriage Encounter

Deaf youth who are employed sometimes find their marriage partners from among their friends, but the majority find no one and their parents too find it dificult to come across suitable partners for their grown up children. In order to help these children the Association holds 3 encounters a year for marriage aspirants. Parents are called up together with their marriageable agedyouth. Thereafter we introduce each youth to those gathered giving their personal information and thereby such persons are open for contact by anyone to make a selection there itself or in their homes.

Teacher Training Programme

To keep abreast with the new trends in deaf education we conducted a short course for teachers of the deaf several years with the guidance of Rev Sr Charmaine Mendisour Patron. Whenshe became feeble we had to stop it. After her death there is another Sister who is appointed as Patron who is qualified to take her place. We hope to resume this course in the near future. We had about 15 lecturers who assisted SrCharmaine  all of whom were from the university. So far we have trained about 200 teachers.

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